Din categoria FlavourArt - aroma Ace 10 ml

Din categoria FlavourArt - aroma Ace 10 ml


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FlavourArt -  aroma Ace 10 ml 

cantitate: 10 ml

In the last 10 years Shaun Casey and Rich Hong have distinguished themselves in the North America vaping community as talented “mixologist”, realizing in the years many recipes that have found great appreciation among the fans.

Since 2015, date of foundation of Fa North America, Shaun and Rich have spent their time growing the reputation and success of our company in North America to current levels, and in addition to that, they have worked side by side with the best Canadian and USA companies to optimize new blends based on Flavourart flavorings.

The Pazzo project involved the best American and Canadian mixologists with the aim of creating a special and as cross-cutting line as possible to reach the greatest number of vapors, both experts and novices.

For this project, FA North America, it turned to a group of expert and respected mixologists.

Initially 40 recipes were created on which they worked for more than 6 months to create and test these new mixes.
These new formulas were then proposed to a group of veteran vapors who selected 10.

The 10 final aromas were then presented at the Canadian Vape Exhibition in Toronto 2017 and were evaluated by 5,000 vapers during the 3 days of the event.

At the end of the route, the 5 that now make up the Pazzo line have been selected.

These new Pazzo aromas are now produced in the new Flavourart factory in Beamsville, Ontario, and of course also in Italy to serve the European and Russian markets.

We are therefore pleased to present this new line, able to best represent new trends in terms of complex aromas.

Pazzo, a global aromatic line, with the usual Flavourart quality and dedication.

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